VERA - Wireless access control for insert locks

22 June 2024

Waregem, June 22 - Locinox, developer of gate fittings, gate closers and access control for the fencing industry, announces the launch of VERA, a battery-powered codelock designed to add electronic access control to gates with insert locks.

Add access control to insert locks

motorised gate closer

Insert locks are becoming increasingly popular. Fitting neatly into the gate profile, they are the definitive aesthetic solution with the added benefit of enhancing privacy. At the same time, there is increasing demand for access control for improved security and versatility.

VERA is the ultimate wireless access control for insert locks

A battery-operated code lock that works perfectly with our range of insert locks. Have you recently finished a project with an insert lock? The VERA can be added just as easily to existing installations.

  • Simple installation on top of the profile with the insert lock already built in — or in a new design.
  • Fast and flexible management of 100 PIN codes.
  • Option for different entry and exit codes, and permanently open or simplified exit.
  • Available in silver and black.
  • Keep: SFKU-V

The VERA uses advances in battery technology to operate without cables or electricians. The durable battery pack with six lithium metal batteries can withstand extreme weather and allows the VERA to open and close the gate at least 150,000 times.

That means an average of 40 times a day for 10 years.

Let Franck tell you everything about VERA!

Wireless electronic code locks

With VERA and VALENTINO you now have two options for adding electronic access control without cables:

  • VERA for your insert locks
  • VALENTINO as an upgrade for your surface-mounted locks