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Our added value will make your life easier and much more efficient. No compromises on quality, easy and quick installation, good-looking products and full modularity on the long term. Those are a handful of the reasons why Locinox is the right partner for you.


9 reasons why Locinox is the right fit for you

All-in-one sets

Easy, time-saving and 100% error-free. Those are our handy sets where lock, keep and hinges are all included in one single box. We make your logistics so much easier.

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Hydraulic gate closers

Our hydraulic gate closers ensure safety, comfort and peace of mind. Designed for outdoor use, they guarantee self-closing gates in all weather circumstances.

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Full Modularity

All our locks and keeps are 100% interchangeable, allowing full flexibility in the long run. Easy, efficient, and 100% peace of mind for the installer. Full modularity is one of the most fundamental key features of Locinox.

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The product matrix

Find out which keep is compatible with which lock, and vice versa. Our interactive product matrix will help you out in no time.

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Hardware for wooden gates

Wood is more popular than ever in the gate and fence world. We have designed a special range of gate hardware for wooden gates.

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Outdoor keypads

Our SlimStone are fully outdoor and highly durable keypads. For a quality yet elegant access control.

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Hinge overview

The typical Locinox hinge is adjustable in 4 directions and is left-right reversible, ensuring complete flexibility.

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100% safety

Our products exceed all safety standards, making sure you can sleep on both ears.

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Gate wing standardization

Easily standardize and stock your gate wings. All our products are reversible; meaning that you can easily turn your default gate wing around to switch between a left- or a right-turning gate. The modularity of our products even allows you to use the same drilling pattern for our locks and keeps.

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Weatherproof solutions

We only use materials and treatments ensuring 100% weatherproofness. Our products stand the test of time.

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Minimal distances

Which distances do you have to take into account when installing a gate fitted with Locinox gate hardware? Our handy overview helps you out.

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Order code builder

You might've noticed that all our locks have their own unique code. If not, just take a look at our products in the LocEShop. You'll see loads of them, like: LAKQU2, LPKQU2, LDKZD1...

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