Locinox is nominated for the prestigious “Export Lion” award

17 June 2021
The annual “Export Lion” award is a prestigious award celebrating Flemish companies which can present an impressive export track record. And this for the 20th time already.

“We are really honored to be nominated for this prestigious award and hope of course we are able to redeem our nomination end of September 2021. That would really be the icing on the cake for what proved to be a fantastic year for Locinox, in terms of turnover of course” says Lieven Pieters, Sales Director. “In our niche market, we always aim to be the best - on a worldwide level. We might be in a traditional sector, but thanks to entrepreneurship and continuous innovation we develop the best possible products for our clients. Millions of people use our products already on a daily basis worldwide – but they just don’t always know it. This nomination allows us to step out of the shadows and show who we really are”.

“Over the past 10 years we have had a steady organical double digit growth. Export is one of the cornerstones of Locinox” explains Lieven Pieters. “Our products are being shipped to more than 50 countries and we can speak 7 languages, meaning that we are able to service many clients worldwide. Which our clients value very much. Our key export markets include the countries surrounding Belgium such as France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. However, we have just set up a local Sales Hub in Wroclaw, Poland in May 2021 to service the CEE market. For some years now we also have a local Sales hub in Chicago (USA) as well.”

“2020 was an exceptional export year to Locinox, the Coronavirus and the lockdowns got a lot of people to think about the security of their home and garden” continues Lieven Pieters. “Our clients really started to value their own perimeter and since they weren’t able to go far and had to work from home, they decided to invest in it. And that’s exactly what we have to offer – quality access control solutions for a reliable perimeter security. So you might say that COVID-19 had a positive effect on us.”

“There are several elements which define our success in export”, says Pieters. “First of all, we are active in a niche market in which we want to excel and be the best in the world. 2/3rd of our added value comes from our innovative products and 1/3rd comes from the services we provide. Our clients definitively value the services we provide, among which ease of use, high-end quality, innovative, fully weatherproof and a accessible after sales service. Collaborating with our clients, we aim for the long term. We are convinced that an open and participative communication lay the groundwork for true and healthy partnerships with our partners. That’s a philosophy we think is of paramount importance.”

Some remarkable worldwide references:
- The Conference building of Shanghai (China)
- The Chicago Zoo (USA)
- 500 gates throughout Disney World Florida (USA)
- The perimeter around the Eiffel Tower (France)

Click here if you want to follow the live stream of the “Export Lion” award on the 29th of September at 6 o’clock.